I'm a firm believer in documenting your life.  Pictures are taken a lot around here, which seems to annoy my children to no end.  But!  They LOVE looking at old photos of me, my husband, and of themselves (I could do without the laughing at my 80s hair but I let it slide). My parents still have all of our photos from when my brother and sisters were growing up and nothing makes us happier than poring over those old photos and reminiscing when we get together at their house. 

When I'm not behind the camera, I'm usually at a hockey rink, volunteering at my children's school, watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (it just may have replaced Seinfeld as my favorite show ever or it's a very close second), or doing a crossword puzzle.  I also love to travel and just got back from two weeks in Italy with my family and extended family; documenting it every step of the way (and believe me, we walked a ton of steps).  It will take me FOREVER to go through all of these photos but I know that we will all treasure them for years to come. 

Please take a look around, check out my work and if you love what you see, hit me up and we'll start documenting YOUR life.